2016 Date for BUSC Summer Classic is: August 13-14, 2016.

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TOURNAMENT CHECK-IN: The BUSC Summer Classic will be doing on-line check-in this year (there is NO check-in on Friday night).

    1. ONLINE CHECK-IN DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2016 by 6:00pm. If your team does not have the forms uploaded by then you team will not be allowed to play.
    2. ROSTERS FREEZE AT THE SAME TIME:  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2016 by 6:00pm.   At that time I plan to print the game cards.
      If you do not have a player on the game card, they can not play.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
      A) If they are not on your tournament (aka event) roster, then they are not on your team for this event.

Step by step instructions on how to do a proper online check-in:

Online Check in Information for BUSC Summer Classic


To add players to your tournament roster up UNTIL you check in.

To do this follow these instructions:

  1.  Add players to your GotSoccer roster as normal
  2.  Go to the “Roster” link at the top of your page
  3.  BUSC Summer Classic from the drop down menu
  4.  To add a player to the “Tournament Roster” click the “add” button next to their name.  Please remove players from the tournament roster that are not playing by hitting the “release” button (please note, this does NOT release them from your roster, just from the tournament roster).  Print and sign your roster by clicking the “roster” link which is located just above your roster in the “REGISTRATION” box.  You will then upload your tour nament roster.


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR CHECK IN (please see below for instructions on how to check in ONLINE):

  1.  Copy of Official Roster (USCLUB, CYSA,  etc.)
  2.  Player Passes
  3. Signed Official GOTSOCCER Roster (see below instructions for ONLINE CHECK IN)
  4. Guest player Loan forms (if applicable)



  1. Log onto your GOTSOCCER account and go to “roster” tab.  Select “BUSC Summer Classic” from the drop down menu.
  1. Make sure all players playing in the tournament are on this roster, you will then print this roster by clicking “roster” tab located next to Docs (see below): Registration Submitted 4/28/2015  Accepted     Yes    ID#s Default Docs          Roster
  1. Print this roster (double check all players participating are on this roster).  Sign this roster.  Scan this Roster (to upload to GotSoccer)
  1. Go to the “events” tab, select our event from the list.  Then select the “documents” tab on the far right.
  1. UPLOAD your official roster (US CLUB, CYSA,  etc.)
  1. UPLOAD your signed GOTSOCCER tournament Roster (that you just printed out & signed))
  1. UPLOAD your Guest Player Loan Forms (if applicable)
  1. Once these documents are verified, you will see a green check mark next to them (may take up to a day depending on the time it is uploaded).
  1. YOU’RE ALL SET!  Check in with the field marshall before your first game at the field no less than 30 minutes before the start of your first match with your player passes.
Rosters Updated in GotSoccer
Please make sure to have your rosters updated in GotSoccer by Thursday, August 11, 2016. We will printing game cards using the rosters from GotSoccer. We will also be using them as a cross reference to check in your teams for the tournament.

Check in Requirements
Teams coming with US Club Soccer passes/paperwork:
US Club 2016/17 Team Roster, current US Club laminated player passes and signed medical releases required at check-in. Guest player form from US Club must be presented for all guest players. No travel documents needed

Teams coming with State Assocation passes/paperwork (with approved travel documents)
2015/16 Team Roster, current state assocation player passes and signed medical releases forms. Approved travel documents from your State Assocation (requirements for out-of-state teams). For guest players you must follow your State Assocition’s guidelines.

Teams coming with State Assocation passes/paperwork (but state won’t approve travel documents)
2015/16 Team Roster, current state assocation player passes and signed medical releases forms. If your state won’t approve the travel then you MUST purchase weekend tournament insurance through US Club Soccer via their website. For guest players you must follow your State Assocition’s guidelines..

CYSA teams may travel to tournaments, jamborees and festivals that have been sanctioned by a US Soccer Federation affiliated Member Organization (other than a US Youth Soccer State Association). Sanctioned games include sanctioned tournament, jamboree and festival games that have been approved by the hosting US Soccer Federation Organization. CYSA teams traveling to such sanctioned competitions may do so by completing and submitting CYSA Online eTravel Form:

You have been accepted, what happens next:
Do not wait until the last minute if you intend to use Guest Players.
Do not wait until the last minute to file the Notification if you are traveling to an Out of State US Youth Soccer Tournament (File date must be 1 day prior to travel) or a Non-US Youth Soccer Tournament. (File date must be 5 days prior to travel). Both forms have specific information regarding this process.
If you have questions about applying to our tournament, please visit the following link: http://www.calnorth.org/tournaments/how_to_apply_to_a_tournament/

Such permission will be in effect provided that every team member and guest player associated with the team traveling is in good standing with CYSA and that the team participates in the sanctioned competition with US Youth Soccer/CYSA team and player credentials for each player, guest player and registered team official as required by CYSA and approved by the respective CYSA District Registrar.
A team’s failure to properly notify CYSA at least five business days prior to traveling, in accordance with the established protocol, could delay and/or invalidate payment on any insurance claims for the player and/or team arising from participation in the tournament games to which the team traveled.

Rosters Updated in GotSoccer
Please make sure to have your rosters updated in GotSoccer by August 11th. We will printing game cards using the rosters from GotSoccer

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